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RK International School is one of the best schools in Meerut, and the ultimate place for your child.

The purpose of education is not to revolve around acquisition of a pre-determined set of skills, but rather the realization of one’s full potential & the ability to use those skills for the greater good. The famous American educator John Dewey states “Education is not a preparation for life, but is life itself.” Therefore the seeds of social change are sown in the imaginative brilliance of a child’s mind. It is our earnest endeavor to provide a nurturing environment to allow the latent potential & goodness of a child to blossom.

As the purpose of education is the overall development of a child so as to make them the future leaders. By becoming leaders they will achieve the zenith of success. And thus making India super power & being called “sone ki chidiya” once again. These students will one day become engineers, doctors, IT professionals & thus we will contribute in the progress of nation. We shall produce such leaders by cultivating in them consciousness which pave way for social upliftment & instills sense of responsibility towards their nation with a sound knowledge in the context of a globalized world.

MISSION - To create world class citizens

In accordance with our vision & mission of creating world class citizens out of our students who are morally, socially, personally & academically developed to their fullest potential with Indian values , spiritual development and scientific bent of mind . We at R K International School have recruited one of the best faculties available in education field with unshakable ethos, sound moral values, masters of their subject & true professionals to the core.

These teachers have proved their mettle over time and our senior faculty has a vast experience of different schools ranging over long period of time. Our young teachers are vibrant, dynamic, master of their subjects and high achievers in their academics with an active involvement in extracurricular activities during school/college. Thus they are fully equipped to handle the responsibility of engaging & guiding the students with afore mentioned qualities.

We have chosen such gems because we at R.K. International school understand that to create world class citizens , we need to have such kind of team who are experts of their subject & their core aim is over all development of a child which includes social , personal , spiritual & academic development. We are sure that with their expertise level in their subject field and their willingness to involve the child in extracurricular activities & sports which teaches spirit of fair competition & cooperation, thus becomes a tool of personal & physical development, our faculty will be doing utmost justice to this pious profession of creating future of India, which they will do by creating winners out of our students. So with the concerted, collective, dedicated & determined efforts of our entire team we will accomplish our mission.

We do understand the importance of personality of a child thus in the coherence & accordance of our mission, we have taken an initiative to organize Personality Development classes separately for our students because we understand that in different scenarios in life one needs required skills & excellent quality set then only the true essence of education will be fulfilled & we will contribute in making world class citizens thus giving our bit in nation development.

So, we assure that we at R K International School will achieve our mission of an overall development of a child who is well balanced & equipped to make well informed choices & deal with life challenges with greater maturity.